Soundproofing is a process of blocking the unwanted sound or noise to enter or escape the area.

Areas of Application: Houses, Apartments, Offices, Commercial facilities, Server rooms, Industrial building, Machine Rooms, Recording studios

Methods: Adding Mass, Sealing, Structure Suspension, Decoupling, Sound Absorbtion

It is not possible to make a space 100% soundproof, some amount of sound will still pass, but it is possible to achieve such a sound reduction level that your ear will not detect it. Sound is transferred by air (airborne) and structural elements, such as floor, walls, etc. To achieve the desired reduction in “noise level”, we need to consider both means of sound distribution. In Cyprus, most of the buildings are built from solid “brick and mortar” structures or steel frame.

Both conduct the sound quite well, and decoupling of the inner room structure from outer surfaces may be needed. We provide a full range of construction soundproofing solutions, including the construction of “room in a room” spaces, sound-insulating walls, floating floors and ceilings, special soundproof doors and windows installation, improvement or new installation of ventilation systems, keeping the sound characteristics in mind.

Soundproofing methods vary from noise nature

Airborne noise reduction

Airborne noise travels through air and the most efficient way to reduce the transmission rate is to install soundroofing systems, loaded with mass, cavity and porous absorbing materials and membranes

Structural noise

Noise can travel through solid structure, then decoupling and dampening the joints is applied. Suspension of the surfaces also breaks the transmission. Depending on application, the suitable methods and materials shall be chosen
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