Acoustic panels are the most efficient sound absorbing elements. They vary in size, shape and colour, but serve one purpose to absorb sound energy and prevent its' reflection

Product: Acoustic Panel

Category: Acoustic Treatment

Placement: Indoor Walls, Indoor Ceilings

Applications: Recording Studio, Home Theater, Office, Residential, Commercial

Sound absorbing acoustic panels are one of the most efficient solution to correct the room acoustics in the field of reduction the unwanted reflections and reducing the reverberation time of the room.

Acoustic panels are widely used for acoustic treatment of the recording and broadcast studios, home cinemas, office spaces, listening rooms, educational facilities, bars and restaurants, clubs, and residential rooms. They are also used for large common spaces to control the echo and reverberation. Acoustic panels absorb wide spectrum of frequencies and don’t reflect the sound back.

Acoustic Panels are widely used in Offices, Recording studios and residential acoustics.


AcoustiCy acoustic panels are hand-built using top quality materials, keeping in mind acoustic performance and design requirements. They consist of wooden frame, absorbing material filling, high-quality acoustic fabrics, membrane and airgap.

Acoustic Panels Efficiency

Acoustic panels are maintenance-free and they keep their performance over time, they don't degrade as acoustic foam and perform in broad spectrum of frequencies with NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) over 0.95 (95% absorption) from 250 Hz.

Acoustic Panels Colors and Design

Standard acoustic panel size is 124x64cm, however, AcoustiCy is the manufacturer of acoustic panels and we are able to produce any shape and size of the panels. Apart from 6 cm standard thickness we may offer enchanced low end performance panels of 12 cm thick.

Available acoustic panels colors

Acoustic panels color options

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