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Desk dividers (Desk Separators) are used to isolate the workplace in the open plan offices or educational facilities.

Product: Desk Separator / Desk Divider

Category: Acoustic Treatment

Placement: Dektop

Applications: Office, Educational, Commercial

Sound absorbing desk dividers help with visual and acoustic separation of the workspace. The dividers are made of high quality materials using Italian acoustic fabrics finish with a wide selection of colors, whereas the core provides excellent sound absorption.

AcoustiCy is a manufacturer of desk dividers and therefore we can acommodate all customization needs and produce the required solution, as well as to provide the installation service and free consultation.

As standard the panels are mounted on the bottom edge of the desk with heavy duty corner mounts.

AcoustiCy Desk Dividers - Separators

Acoustic Properties

Desk dividers are designed to efficiently absorb the frequency of speech and high-pitched noise, which are the most common for office spaces. The noise reduction factor is approximately 95% for frequencies higher than 300 Hz. (see the indicative values on the graph)

Standard sized desk dividers

The standard desk divider is 40mm thick. AcoustiCy panels come with standard widths of 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 cm; and standard height options of 52 and 72 cm. Depending on the desk shape and required isolation they can be used as front or side panels. As standard the panels are mounted on the bottom edge of the desk with heavy duty mounts.

Color palette and customization

Except for standard sizes, shapes and dimensions we can provide custom solutions to match your design and requirements. We can make bi-color panels, rounded or square corners, various mounting options.
Acousticy Desk Dividers sound absorbtion coefficient

Available color options

Acoustic panels color options

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