Acoustic Measurement Services

Acoustic measurements service is the evaluation and analysis of sound characteristics in various environments.

Acoustic measurement services are critical for ensuring that space meet specific acoustic standards and has the required characteristics to serve its purpose, as well as a starting point for improving sound quality, and ensuring compliance with regulations.


We offer noise monitoring, soundproofing testing and room acoustics evaluation, based on measuerements. After acoustic measurement is performed, a detailed report and possible improvement recommendations are presented to client.


We use high precision equipment and skilled professionals to perform such measurements, ensuring the accuracy of test results.

Types of acoustic measurements:

Noise Level Monitoring

In order to asses the noise level, we can perform short-term or long-term noise level measurements. Environmental Noise Monitoring includes measuring sound levels of the environmental sources, such as traffic, industrial activities, and construction. Occupational Noise Monitoring is aimed to evaluate noise levels in workplaces.

Room acoustics

Frequency response and RT60 (reverberation time) measurements are performed in order to determine the acoustic characteristics of a particular space to evaluate whether its parameters are suitable for room purpose.

Sound insulation testing

Sound transmission characteristics measurement is used to determine the level of soundproofing of the materials and structures.
Acoustic Measurement SPL Spectrums

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