Acoustic Design focuses on creating spces with optimum sound characteristics for each purpose

Applications of Acoustic Design: Recording Studio, Concert or Event Hall, Theaters, Educational Spaces, Workplaces, Common Areas

Category:  Acoustic Treatment, Soundproofing, Design, Sound Isolation, Sound Reflection

Acoustic Design is based on principles from physics, engineering, architecture, and interrior design to make the space sound  “neutral” and pleasant to the ear, depending on the application.

Sound wave is the energy produced by vibrations that travel through the air or solid medium. Acoustics is the branch of physics that studies the behavior of sound, encompassing its production, transmission, and effects. When it comes to acoustic design of indoor spaces, whether it be concert halls, recording studios, classrooms, or offices, the goal is to control the way sound behaves within that environment.

Acoustic design utilizes various methods and acoustic elements to control the acoustic environment of the space, which includes geometry, sound absorbtion, sound reflection, and diffusion. Project evaluation starts with measurements, modelling and study of each specific space and its purpose in order to provide an adequate acoustic solution.

   AcoustiCy may provide acoustic design services for any project, starting from home theater or recording sudio up to large concert halls, auditoriums etc. We use innovative solutions and modern materials, as well as our own know-hows and products, keeping in mind functionality and aesthetics.



Most popular acoustic design applications

Home Cinema - Home Theatre

The immersive sound of the surround system makes your viewing experience unique. To achieve that, it is not enough just to get a surround sound system. Proper placement and acoustic treatment, as well as correct system adjustments, are necessary. We can design and build such a room for you, keeping in mind sound reflections, phase coherence, frequency response and reverberation time of the space, suitable for home theatre as well as the specifics of surround sound system. We also take into deep consideration the aesthetics and look, which will match your vision of that special place in your home.

Recording Studio - Rehearsal Rooms

Music recording studios vary in size and application. It can be a full-scale music production studio construction project comprised of a live room, booths, control room and auxiliary spaces; or a small home studio for creators, as well as a post-production or broadcast facility. Also musicians may require a space to practice. Be it a rock band, string quartet, or solo instrument player or singer - a comfortable acoustic environment for your performance and eliminate the sound bleed outside the room. Acoustic design covers inner acoustics and soundproofing design of your space.
Acoustic Design - 900x900-2

Office Acoustics

In the modern world of collaborations, we may need isolated spaces for online meetings, a separation between workspaces and the creation of an acoustically pleasant environment at work. Bad acoustics and excessive reverberation (echo) leads to increased fatigue and decreased work efficiency. Acoustic design of your office solves these problems.

Public Spaces

You don't want your coffee shop or restaurant to sound void, but you want it warm and cosy instead. When people have to shout in order to be heard in crowded areas leads to bad experience. Acoustic design helps with the proper acoustic treatment.

Music Venue

Music venues and clubs need to provide a good listening experience to its visitors. When the sound is boomy and the microphone always have a feedback from the reflections, listeners will suffer instead of having fun. Acoustics of such venues require a scientific approach and experience of the professionals in order to be done right.

Educational Facility

Both soundproofing and acoustic treatment of the classes are important for efficient learning. Less distraction and more concentration are the goals of acoustic design of such spaces. There are standards in RT60 (reverberation time) and noise levels, which has to be maintained for educational facilities. Acoustic design provides the solution to match the standards and make the space suitable for learning.

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