Acoustic Treatment will make your space sound suitable for its purpose. Reduce unwanted echo, flatten frequency responce and remove comb filtering effect.

Applications of Acoustic Treatment: Recording Studio, Concert or Event Hall,Home Cinema,  Theaters, Educational Spaces, Workplaces, Common Areas

Category:  Sound Absorbtion, Sound Diffusion, Bass Traps

Acoustic treatment starts with the desired specification and definition of the purpose of the room and its’ design. Acoustic treatment is aimed to eliminate the “inner” acoustic problems of the space, such as unwanted reverberation and resonances, standing waves, unevenness of the acoustic spectrum and the phase shift, etc. These problems are normally solved in three steps.

At the stage of construction, we add to the design angled walls and ceiling to avoid parallel reflective surfaces, which cause standing waves to build up. By doing so, we define the “sweet spot” of the room (usually for the control room, listening room, or home theatre), and we design the space accordingly. After that, we analyse and spot the main reflective points and use the absorption treatment to eliminate them.

Usually, when working on critical sound environments such as recording studio control room acoustics or listening rooms, our company performs acoustic measurements on every stage to be scientific at making acoustic design decisions. We use high-quality materials and production standards to make our acoustic elements, as well as our knowledge and expertise.

Most common acoustic elements used for acoustic treatment

Sound Absorbtion

We build custom acoustic panels stuffed with ecological, natural, and non-combustible sound-absorbing material.
The panels are designed to be tuned to a specific frequency absorption or as a broadband absorber.

Sound difusion

Without being too much technical, sound diffusion is a reflection in multiple directions, which scatters the sound wave. To preserve some live acoustic feeling in the room, we use diffusers and diffusing elements in panels, as opposed to or in conjunction with absorption. The sound reflects from those elements; however, it does not form standing waves, keeping the space neutral without making it completely anechoic.

Bass Traps

After this essential treatment, we add bass traps to treat the corners. Bass energy builds up in corners between walls and ceiling of the room. Depending on the application, we design and build ``bass trap`` elements for corners to minimise the effect of bass build-up. Some cases require custom-built tuned traps to be placed in the room to treat specific spectrum problems.
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