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Acoustic design

Acoustic design of indoor space is needed in order to make it ``sound neutral`` and pleasant to ear, depending on application, as well as to provide soundproofing solution.


Soundproofing reduces the amount of sound coming in and out from the room. We use modern soundproofing materials and methods to achieve a significant noise reduction.

Acoustic treatment

Acoustic treatment is aimed to eliminate the problems inside the room, making it sound good and fit its’ purpose.

Acoustic Products

Acoustic treatment and Soundproofing products, manufactured by AcoustiCy.

About AcoustiCy

AcoustiCy is a company, based in Cyprus (Europe), but working all around the world, providing acoustic design and acoustic treatment services, as well as manufacturing high quality acoustic products, such as acoustic panels, sound difusers, bass traps, acoustic doors, soundproofing components, and custom solutions. We work on local market and export our products and solutions as well. Our team of acoustic designers can provide consultation services on room acoustics and soundproofing systems. We don’t just sell products, we offer a complete solution!

Team of professionals

AcoustiCy is based on solid knowledge and skills of its' team and experiance, gained over years of building recording studios, home cinemas etc. We use scientific and creative approach to solve your acoustics problem.

10+ Years in business

Over a decade, we successfully accomplished many acoustic projects and gathered a handful of solutions and know-hows to be implemented in your space to achieve the best result.

100+ Successful projects

AcoustiCy cares about reputation and we do our best at every project. As a result, we have over a hundred successfull acoustic treatment and sound proofing projects in Cyprus and abroad, and lots of happy customers.

Your language

Our team is multilingual and it is crucial to understand technical information and all the nuances. We speak English, Greek and Russian.

Featured Projects

We are glad to highlight some of our projects. We hope to inspire you with some of our acoustic solutions and design ideas as well as to gain credibility and showcase our work.

We are open for collaboration

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Our Products

AcoustiCy is a manufacturer of acoustic elements and soundproofing systems in Cyprus. All our products use high quality materials from Italy, Germany, Austria, UK, and attention to detail during production. Apart from standard products we also create custom solutions to match your design. Thorough quality control and after-sale support reassures our customers to work with us.

What Our Clients Say

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Meet the Team

Our company is proud to have a strong and reliable team of professionals in their field of expertise to help you to achieve the best possible result and to offer all their knowledge and skills.

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