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Shape and fine tune the acoustic of your room with acoustic difusers! These acoustic elements help to scatter the sound waves and create natural sound without unwanted resonances and standing waves without making the room ``acoustically dead``.

Product: Acoustic Difuser

Category: Acoustic Treatment

Placement: Indoor Walls, Indoor Ceilings

Applications: Recording Studio, Home Theater, Office, Residential, Commercial, Design

Acoustic diffusers are designed to manage sound reflections within a room. Unlike absorbers, which soak the sound energy to reduce sound reflection and echoe, diffusers scatter sound waves. This scattering makes the sound waves to reflect in multiple directions, to prefent acoustic anomalies such as flutter echoes and standing waves. The goal of an acoustic diffuser is to create an even distribution of sound energy, enhancing the sense of space and clarity without “deadening” the room.

These acoustic elements are essential in shaping the acoustic environment of a recording studios,  concert halls, or a home theater. Acoustic diffusers improve sound quality, and create a more balanced and immersive sound experience, adding to the overall room design.

When sound waves hit the diffuser surface, they are reflected in multiple directions. It breaks up the coherence of sound waves, breaking the reflections build-up.

The working principle of acoustic diffusers is based on physics and geometry. Diffusers have irregular surfaces with varying depths and angles.

Quadratic Residue Diffusers (QRDs):

This type of difuser use a mathematical sequence to create a surface of varying depths. Each part scatters sound at different frequencies, providing broadband diffusion. Usually, these difusers are installed on the back wall and they work efficiently at a distance from speakers over 3 meters.

``Skyline`` type Diffusers

Having their name for their resemblance to a city skyline, these difusers have blocks of varying heights that scatter sound horizontally and vertically. The lower the frequency required - the deeper is the difuser.

Random or Fractal Difusers

These difusers have patterns that repeat at different scales, or random pattern, which is effectively diffusing sound across a wide frequency range. Random difusers are great design solutions.
AcoustiCy Skyline Difuser

Difusers can be combined with absorbers

Acoustic panel, equipped with a difuser place can serve both purposes and combine absorbtion and difusion properties. The ratio between difusion and absorrbtion surface area may vary, depending on acoustic design. For example, a difuser plate which covers 50% of absorbing surface is gount to be 50/50 difuser.

AcoustiCy is a manufacturer of acoustic elements and we can design and produce a difuser, which fits your needs 100%. We may offer various design and acoustic properties as well as a wide selection fo materials and colors to match your project design.

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