Recording studio construction

Music recording studios vary in size and application. It can be a full-scale music production studio construction project comprised of a live room, booths, control room and auxiliary spaces; or a small home studio for creators, as well as a post-production or broadcast facility. No matter what you plan to build - you require soundproofing and acoustic treatment.
Usually, we need to get a neutral acoustic environment for recording and music production. There are many factors which affect the sound in the room. Let's separate the two terms "soundproofing" (insulation) and "acoustic treatment". Soundproofing stands for isolating the space from external noise and vice versa. We don't want the sound to penetrate the studio from outside as well as we want to minimize the bleed of sound from the studio to your neighbours.

These problems can be solved by proper insulation. Acoustic design starts with the geometry of the space. When dealing with construction, we divide the area in a certain way, using the rules and proportions that benefit the space's acoustic characteristics.
Everyone knows the sound of an empty room, and it has plenty of resonances, echoes and unpleasant sound. To treat the space, we use absorption and diffusion elements to control the acoustics. We keep the scientific approach, combined with our expertise and experience, to achieve a neutral-sounding room.
Depending on the purpose, we may do a fully anechoic booth, live-sounding recording room, or highly controlled mixing space with flat frequency responce and even reverberation times across the spectrum.
Our company can build the space from the ground or treat an existing room.

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